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Himalayan Routes

Himalayan Routes
Himalayan Routes

About us

Beauty combined with adventure. Camping has never been so laid-back as in Himalayan Route’s Camps. If you are nature lover or adventure freak or looking for a unique stay away from maddening crowd, you are browsing the right website.

Having your meal and gazing straight up into the sky to identify constellations or watching galaxies with naked eyes is a unique experience possible only at Sarchu. Sleeping in a bed, with thoughts in minds, that far away from the civilization, no one can track you, even no one can call you at your phone with no network, brings you that never-before thrill and chill.

An oasis in the cold deserts of Sarchu at 14,040 ft (4,290 m), Himalayan Route’s Camps is dedicated in tourists’ service for years. Our guests, both from India and abroad, had never felt so safe, secure and cozy at such an altitude and at a place totally cut off from other regions.

Redefining the hospitality, we are proudly serving our guests in extreme conditions. Our experienced staff members do their best to bring cheer to the guest, only to get appreciation in return.

No place on earth was better than Sarchu to pitch our tents and accept the challenge to satisfy our guests. Himalayan Route’s Camps have now become a major landmark on Manali-Leh highway, particularly in Sarchu, a most preferred stopover for tourists. Be it families, friends, honeymooners, bikers, photographers or adventure enthusiasts, we know their needs well and we try to make their stay comfortable.

We inspire people to connect with nature through meaningful experiences; have a positive impact on the environment. Our mission guides us to look for socially and environmentally responsible ways to do business. We’re fair, honest and human with our guests.

So, give us a chance to be your host for a night or two. Himalayan Route’s Camps’ staff will leave no stone unturned in your hospitality.


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Mark Johnson
Director of Product Management

Why travel with us

We have neat and clean tents with hygiene bedding. Each tent has attached toilet/bathroom. Though Sarchu has no power supply, we have our power back-up. We cook multi cuisines and have separate dining area. As many people, mostly those having breathing problems, feel suffocated at such an altitude. We have oxygen cylinders to deal with such conditions. We provide guests with blankets and quilt so that they spend a warm night. We hate littering and encourage guests to use eco-friendly items to save the fragile ecology of the Himalayas. We help/guide tourists in making their itineraries for perfect tours.

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